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family photographer | Baltimore photographer | Oregon Ridge Park mini session

so i might have taken a ridiculous number of pictures of this one family on this particular morning, because dragon boots. and, because we got rained out of our original appointment the day before, and they were the only family that could make it to mini-session make-up day (don't worry, the other families got first dibs on another day) so i didn't have anywhere to rush off to, and the sky was soooooo blue and the kids were doing great, so i might have spent more than 20 minutes with them.... maybe. but back to the boots. i don't know what makes rain boots so much fun, but my boy loves wearing his big yellow galoshes and i can't tell you how many smiles he inspires. so i think everyone should own a pair. and should wear them in the sunshine. and we can all smile.

so where are we going for your family pictures? i'll bring the camera, you bring the boots.