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behind the lens

i never go by suzanne. EVER. (ok, maybe sometimes at work. but it makes me feel like i'm in trouble, or like i'm talking to a telemarketer) ... i just thought "suzanne michelle photography" had a better ring to it since people aren't sure how to pronounce "suz" anyways, so i went with that. but in real life i go by suz. so, let's be friends and you can call me suz... it rhymes with snooze, as in snooze-button, which i still manage to press sometimes even though my children are really in charge of when i have to get up.

i have always loved taking pictures. i love that i can catch a fleeting moment with my camera and preserve it forever in a photograph. i was honored to be asked to photograph my best friend's wedding, and i had so much fun documenting their special day for them that i thought, "maybe i should do more of this..." and so here i am! i will always be grateful to them for trusting me and believing in me. it inspired me to try something new and i couldn't be happier with where that has taken me.

i love to run. like, really REALLY love it. and so i used to run nearly every day, mostly on the treadmill with a copy of Time magazine or my latest readings for school propped in front of me. miles and hours ticked by, sometimes training for a half-marathon and sometimes just running the stress of the day away. if i was cranky, my husband prescribed a run. then, i had a kid.....and only managed to squeeze in a few weekend runs on occasion, but never like before. i miss it terribly. but a friend put it in perspective when she said, "he'll never be this age again... but when he's older, you'll be able to run again." so i race occasionally to keep my legs on alert, play catch with my sons, and imagine that one day i'll enjoy long runs again.