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mini sessions | Baltimore photographer | November 2015 fall mini sessions

if you're more of a sweaters + scarves kind of person, the november mini session is for you! no props here - just you, your loves, and whatever the season has on display.... ok, maybe i'll stick you in front of an old barn or something.

dates and times below!

SATURDAY November 14th
Jerusalem Mill


SUNDAY November 15th
Cromwell Valley Park

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mini sessions | Baltimore photographer | October 2015 fall mini sessions

it's everybody's favorite mini session: FALL! red leaves are my favorite. i keep saying i'm going to figure out which trees turn red, and plant them in our (ridiculously huge for a rowhouse) yard. and then i forget. what i have not forgotten is how gorgeous the leaves were in patterson park last year, so we're headed back there this year for the morning sessions. afternoon is at oregon ridge park, which might be my new favorite place.... details below!

SATURDAY October 24th
Patterson Park

SATURDAY October 24th
Oregon Ridge Park

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