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fall mini sessions!

it's that time again... now booking fall mini sessions! this is a great deal, but maybe you need some convincing. so in addition to thanking whoever came up with the idea, i now present my list of why mini sessions are BRILLIANT: because traditional school pictures can be kind of....lame. trust me on this, real trees are better than fake trees. every time. because there's always that one difficult-to-shop-for person that you still feel obligated to gift something when the holidays roll around. BOOM. now all you have to buy is the frame. because you need an updated family photo for your holiday cards. because you really really REALLY love your dog and have always wanted to get pictures taken with her but felt silly spending hundreds of dollars. because "they grow so fast..." ready?  pick your day and time,  drop me an email,   and then enjoy a little guilt-free shopping for your new fall wardrobe :)   SATURDAY October 18th Patterson Park SOLD